The “Mighty Flea” Battery Amplifier

Available February 2017 - price 600-900€

For the Busy Working Guitar Player - Elegance and Practicality Combined

The Mighty Flea is a new concept in guitar amps - an amp that offers the stylish looks and musical, clean sound of the best "boutique" amps - but runs as well from batteries as it does from the wall outlet.

It's sleek appearance and warm tone has already won the praise of one of the world's top jazz guitarists - Robin Nolan. I visited Robin with the prototype of in summer 2016 - here's the video we made:

Development on the Flea has continued, and the first ones should be available in February of 2017. If you would like to reserve one, please get in contact!

How The Flea Was Born

In October of 2015, I was contacted by a group called Rock Au Vin. They often play outside, and were depending on small battery amps made by a well-known US manufacturer. But the amps were now old, and irreplacable.

I had already thought about making a good "busking amp", having myself (I playu clarinet and sax) played in the street with guitarists, and been frustrated at the poor sound quality and battery life of battery amps. I did some research and decided I could do better.

Six months later, Roq Au Vin have four new amps : one for guitar, two for bass guitar, and one for vocals. Both sound and battery life are impressive.

The Mighty Flea will be available in three different models:

All models have an internal Lithium battery, which is charged with a 24V external charger (supplied). Indicators on the rear panel for show when power is on or the unit is charging, and four LED's show battery status. All models have a SIGNAL LED.

Advance Specifications