Mighty Flea Battery Guitar Amp compared to Vintage Valve amp

The Stimer M10 Guitar Amplifier is something of a Holy Grail for gypsy jazz guitarists. The model that was played by the legendary Django Reinhardt, they are hard to find and very expensive. Luckily, my bandmate and friend Seppe Van Tilborg owns one, so we decided to do a direct comparison between it and the Mighty Flea battery powered guitar amplifier.

(You can read and see more about The Mighty Flea by following these links:)

Direct comparison means : same guitar (GER), same guitarist (Seppe), same pickup (Stimer), same room. Simply place the two amps side by side, place a Zoom H2 recorder in front, and record each of them.

If you want to skip through the video - here are the times for each section:

  1. 1m21s : Stimer M10 (lead)
  2. 2m04s : Mighty Flea (lead)
  3. 2m55s : Stimer M10 (rhythm)
  4. 3m24s : Mighty Flea (rhythm)

Here is the video - have a listen and judge for yourself the sound quality of this good looking battery guitar amplifier!

One common question I get asked is "How does the Mighty Flea compare to the XYZ amp". Unfortunately, I don't have a collection of vintage jazz guitar amplifiers, so I can't always answer! But we will try to make more of these "comparison" videos in future.