I do undertake bespoke design work, or repair and restoration. I am happy to give advice on projects that you may be considering. I have considerable experience in modififying or repairing equipment, especially older analogue gear, whether solid state or valve. You are welcome to contact me and discuss your requirements.

About Me

With more than 30 years experience both as a professional audio electronics engineer and as an active musician, I am well equipped to provide musicians with well-designed, well-made equipment that helps them in their work and play.

As an engineer, my career began in the Royal Air Force, followed by stints working at Soundcraft Electronics (back when their mixers were entirely designed and built in the UK), and Philip Drake Electronics (who made communications gear for the broadcast market, now having been absorbed by Clear-Com). In the late 1990s I designed (as a freelancer) large audio equipment for Royal Opera House in London - which has been in use 24/7 since 2000 with impeccable reliability. The best equipment, like a good butler, works so well that you don't notice its presence. I continue to strive to bring this elegant simplicity to all my designs.

As a musician, I have been involved in songwriting, production and so on, but I most enjoy playing jazz clarinet and saxophone. My music website is I also have a band, The Moochers

(Important note : the “McB” logo of McBee Audio Labs was kindly designed by my friend, the musician and graphic designer Waso De Cauter at Deadline Constructions.)